Book Review: As You Come Undone (Walker Boys; #3) by Molli Moran

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As You Come Undone by Molli Moran

Book Title: As You Come Undone
Author: Molli Moran
Series: Walker Boys; #3
Age Demographic: New Adult
Genre: Southern Romance
Publication Date: July 11, 2018
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She’s not looking for love and neither is he. But when their words collide, they can’t ignore what their hearts want.

Jenna Rutledge doesn’t have time for any more complications. She’s already busy battling for a divorce from her heartless ex and re-opening her small-town library. She absolutely doesn’t have time for a fling—unless it’s with charming Ethan Walker, who she meets on an escape to the beach. For two scorching nights, she forgets the reality waiting back home and all the reasons not to open up to Ethan.

But back home, she misses how he made her feel—happy, safe, and wanted for the first time in too long. Luckily, the universe isn’t through throwing the two of them together, bad timing or not.

Ethan always puts his family first and himself last. He didn’t plan on vivacious Jenna shaking up his plans, and shattering his self-control and his routines—but she’s the one person who makes him come undone. He can’t deny his feelings for her or that, for the first time, he sees a path to happiness for himself…if he can get to Jenna’s heart.

Jenna is running out of time to decide what she believes in more: Ethan’s staying power or her fear of being hurt again. But with their toughest test threatening everything, she’ll have to make a decision once and for all.

My Thoughts Broken Down By Characters

Jenna is so totally my girl!crush and is exactly what I needed right now. She is a spitfire, feisty, courageous, and amazingly charming character all rolled into one. I love how she is tough as nails, but still vulnerable in all of the right ways. It makes her easy to relate to and interesting to read about. My heart totally went out to her, in dealing with an asshole shit-for-brains soon-to-be ex who wouldn’t do anything that she asked him to do with regards to the divorce. Still, she persisted and it shows that she has great stamina and a tenacious grit. I could definitely relate to her throwing herself into her work, in order to try and forget about the dipshit that turned her life upside down and broke her spirit in more ways than one.

Sadie, made me giggle and blush all the way through the novel. She is the life and spirit of this beautiful novel in a lot of ways. I’m not saying that she upstages Jenna by any means, but this is a girl who is going through a different set of struggles all of her own. She really is facing a hardcore fear that the LGBTQ+ community and many other minorities are when it comes to rights and being regarded equal. Yet, she has this undeniable spirit about her that just makes me feel like there’s a major possibility for change in the world around us. Both her and Darren, have woven their way underneath my skin and have found themselves residing in my heart in a number of ways that just touches me and makes me want to create a safe space for them and to stand beside them as an ally and friend in this fight for a better tomorrow. Each of them have their own story to tell and yet, they are an amazing booey for keeping both Jenna and Ethan grounded in a lot of ways. They bring out the best in the two of them.

Ethan absolutely makes me swoon in all of the right ways. He’s got this amazingly hot southern swagger about him, that is just so damn charming it’s unreal. It’s not at all hard to see what Jenna see’s in him and it’s not hard to see how she can’t resist his charms and southern wiles either. My heart nearly dropped and shattered for him, when he found out that while he had been spending the weekend away his father had been rushed into the hospital due to having a heart attack. I just wanted to gather him up in my arms and hug him to pieces. There was no reason for him to feel guilty for not being there, it’s hard to see him with so much of the weight on his shoulders trying to sort through his own life and struggles. Yet, he lends himself to being such a fantastic brother, friend, son, and person for Jenna.

Overall Thoughts:

I loved seeing all of the characters from the past novels making appearances throughout this one, it just warmed my heart to see Quinn and Jonah. This book is so relevant to today’s society and I love that it not only showcased a beautiful southern charming and soulful straight romance, but that it also tackled the issues that the LGBTQ+ community is facing now in terms of fears and struggles of coming-out when and where and to the right people. Stories like this one are very much needed, to give people someone with whom they can see a piece of themselves in and also to showcase just how much we all need to band together as human beings and be there for one another when fighting for equality and rights. This may not have been the main point of the novel, but it was an extremely powerful underlying one that was beautifully written and extremely moving.

The romance was scintillating and scorching and the setting of the novel made me feel like I was coming home. I can’t lie, I got a small little thrill to know that Jenna, my tough as nails girl, was from Texas. In fact, she might just match me for southern sass and grit. lol. In a nutshell boiled down…MOLLI MORAN FREAKIN’ KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK WITH THIS ONE!

Molli MoranFacebook | Website | Twitter

Molli Moran was born and raised in the South, and brings a love of all things small-town to her romances. She grew up with her nose in a book and her head in the clouds, and not much has changed since then. Molli found her own happily-ever-after on the West Coast. Give her Kay and coffee, and you’ve never seen a happier person. Other things she loves include road trips, the ocean, and Captain America.

You can find Molli on Twitter, where she spends way too much time (@MissMolliWrites). She’s not throwing away her shot.

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