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A Week in the Life of Bookish Revelations…

I feel A LOT more productive this week than I was last week and it feels PRETTY GOOD. I feel like I’m getting my groove back and settling into blogging again. It’s like I don’t feel as much pressure on me to get things posted, scheduled ahead in advance, or just tidy’ed up. It just feels like it’s all starting to come together for me, in a really awesome way. I’ve spent most of the week just making sure that I’m getting posts scheduled in advance, reviews written, and reading whenever I want to.

Even though the weather has been rainy, it’s still gorgeous and I love that it is finally starting to feel like Fall is here or at least on its way. Days like this are the perfect days to just curl up and get in as much reading as you can or be as productive with the blog as you can be. I’ve gone through and made a whole list of posts that I have scheduled for the upcoming weeks featuring various different meme’s, Rewind Wednesday’s posts (some discussion/some older book reviews re-vamped), up-coming blog tours/book blitz, and other neat little fun tidbits that I think are going to be exciting.

I’ve decided that at the end of the month, I’m going to be doing some sort of a what I’ve read re-cap post talking about the books that I’ve read, what I’m actually currently reading, and what I would like to read the following month. It’s in that post where I’m going to talk about how I’m working on cleaning up my Netgalley and Edelweiss shelves and some major decisions that I’ve made concerning them. Fall semester actually starts in one week for me, on Tuesday I start back and I don’t want to feel like I have these TWO HUGE e-galley shelves mocking me, staring me down, and all but practically demanding that I devote all of my time and my attention to them and only them. I don’t know about you, but that is way too damn much stress for me to want to contend with, especially since I’ll be studying Anatomy&Physiology II with a lab attached to it. That’s going to take up enough of my time as it is.

What I am going to do going forward, is to concentrate on the e-galley’s from both Netgalley and Edelweiss that I need to read and write reviews for – the ones that I KNOW for sure – that I am truly interested in and really do want to read. I’ve culled both of those shelves back quite a bit and have sent out messages stating which ones I will and won’t be leaving feedback on. I’m working to repair the nonsensical “oh-I-want-to-read-that” spree’s that I went on, knowing full well I wouldn’t have the time nor would I read half of the books. I’m now realizing my mistakes and the pressure that I have been putting on myself.

So, I’m thinking that re-cap may be called The State of my Shelves or something similar to that. I don’t know, what do you tihnk? Any suggestions you might add to it?

Here’s what you need to know about last week’s happenings on Bookish Revelations…


Here’s what you need to know about this week’s happenings on Bookish Revelations…


All the Bookish Things Around the Blogosphere

Kimberly @ The Caffeinated Book Reviewer is celebrating her 7 YEAR BLOGOVERSARY and I’m so happy and excited for her. That’s such a FANTASTIC milestone for her to have reached and I know that she has put so much hard work and dedication into her blog. So, if you get a chance, definitely go over to her celebratory post and show her some love. You might even find a little giveaway over there.

Brianna @ Pages Unbound has recently talked about The Conflicting Priorities of the Book Community, which is an interesting and eye-opening take on buying new books vs utilizing the library, shopping in second-hand book stores or indie bookstores, and ARC’s as well. It is definitely a discussion worth having and I discovered a couple of things that I didn’t know. Sometimes, as hard as you try, you just can’t meet every single need in a feasible way that works for you and I think that’s part of what she was trying to say here.

I was looking around the blogosphere and I came across this amazing post discussing supporting international bloggers written by the lovely and inspired Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books and I think that it’s so important to acknowledge this as book lovers and avid readers/bloggers, as well as to do our best to help out in getting books into the hands of those who aren’t able to the way those of us in the US are. So, if you get a chance, go over to her blog and participate in the discussion and see what you can come up with.

The Week Read & Currently Reading on Bookish Revelations

I finished reading Broken ThingsBroken Things by Lauren Oliver by Lauren Oliver and it was AMAZING! No, seriously, it was one of THE BEST MYSTERIES that I’ve read in a long, long while. I seriously could not put it down, until I was finished with it. I love a great mystery that remains a mystery up until the you’ve read the final two chapters in the book and you are still scratching your head and trying to figure out the “who done it” scenario. Lauren Oliver definitely knocked it out the park with this book and I wasn’t really expecting it to, but this book is probably going to end up being one of the year’s best that I’ve read.

Now, I am reading The Black Coats by Collen Oakes and even though I’m not that far into it, just started it literally – I am absolutely enjoying it. This is going to be another amazing read that you’ll definitely want to be looking out for next year.

Currently Watching & Obsessing Over on Bookish Revelations

I absolutely LOVED this series of books by the lovely and talented Jenny Han. It was so freakin’ cute and a lot of fun to read, too. This movie was so, so, so good and I can’t wait to watch it again. Plus, it gets bonus points for featuring an Asian main character and a love of reading. If you haven’t seen this movie yet or read the books, then what are you waiting for?! Get to it, because you really don’t want to miss out on one of the sweetest and cutest rom-com’s ever.

Also, I just noticed the new gorgeous covers for the box set of The Complete Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy: The Summer I Turned Pretty; It’s Not Summer Without You; We’ll Always Have Summer. The look absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous and I fell so in love with this series, that I may or may not just have to splurge and buy this series and then donate, share, or just giveaway my older copies with the original covers on them. Yes, I’m going to need these gorgeous pastel colors on my shelf, sitting there all pretty.

Check out the Official Movie Trailer for To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before

Also, thanks to Greg @ Greg’s Book Haven I am now highly addicted to a Youtube Original, Impulse. If you love Sci-Fi, then you’ll definitely enjoy this series. It sort of reminds me of Heroes in a way.

Here, check out the trailer for Impulse

Currently Binging on Bookish Revelations


Around this time every year, you can usually find me binge-watching one of my most favorite television shows of all time and definitely a guilty pleasureGossip Girl. Oh.My.Gosh. Words cannot simply tell you just how much I so adore this show. I’ve read all of the books and I’ve re-watched and binged on the whole entire show so many times it’s unreal and for me, I feel like the tv show was so much better than the books.


Okay, okay…don’t shoot me, but I just can’t help it. I love it. All of the characters, the actors/actresses, and the crazy escapades. Plus, it has some of the best Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes in it. I think my favorite thing about it was the friendship between Blair and Serena, because it was so real and honest and crazy. But, it was also endearing, heartbreaking, and amazing. It was one of the best elements of the show.

Dear Serena. My world is falling apart. My father left my mother for a thirty-one year old model. A *male* model. I feel like screaming because I have no one to talk to. You’re gone. My dad is gone. Nate’s acting weird. Where are you? Why won’t you call? Why did you leave without saying goodbye? You’re supposed to be my best friend. I miss you so much. Love Blair.

Blair Waldorf, is nothing if not loyal, to those she gives a damn about and she loves Serena. Even when she’s falling apart, when she’s most miserable, and even when she’s angry and being extremely cruel to get her point across – she loves Serena. She still wants to be her best friend, because these two share a bond that no one and not even them – can break. She’s intelligent, she loves to a fault, she has this habit of never really getting what it is she wants exactly, because it usually ends up falling into someone else’s hands – mostly Serena’s even when she doesn’t want it or isn’t looking for it. She hurts people and she gets hurt, in return. But, when she loves, she does it with everything in her and she doesn’t know how to love them any less – even when she’s loving the wrong person and discovering later, that what she thought she wanted and what she actually does want are two different things.

She is Queen B, be mindful of your step.


Oh, and the music! It has one of the best soundtracks ever, I discovered A LOT of awesome music that I never probably would have if it weren’t for this amazing show showcasing it.

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24 responses to “The Sunday Post #004 | Hosted by: Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer

  1. I’m glad to hear that Broken Things is good, I had high hopes for it. And I haven’t read a Lauren Oliver book in a while… and I thought To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was really good! Just watched it last night…

    Glad you’re liking Impulse! I need S2 lol…

    • I hadn’t either until I picked up Broken Things via Edelweiss and from the second I started reading it got sucked into the story it was telling. She really delivered on the whole mystery aspect of it, so it’s definitely worth a read when you get the chance. I hope that we get the rest of the books in movie form and they don’t just stop after the first one, I would really love to see it all brought to life.

      I’ve only seen the first three episodes of Impulse so far, but from what I’ve seen I am really enjoying it and I actually do plan on finishing it. lol Thanks, for stopping by the blog. 🙂

  2. Thank you so , so, so much for sharing my post, I am so happy you enjoyed it, it means a lot <3 Thank you! <3
    I'm SO glad you loved Lauren Oliver's latest release – I am so impatient to read it. Lauren Oliver is one of my favorite authors of all time and I am so excited to start reading that one, even more now knowing how much you loved it 😀
    I saw the Lara Jean movie yesterday and I really loved it, it was such an adorable, feel-good adaptation and the actors were on point <3 AND YAY FOR GOSSIP GIRL! I really love that show a whole lot, too <3 <3
    I hope you'll have a fantastic week 🙂 x

    • Aww, you’re more than welcome, I really did enjoy it and I felt like what you had to say was really relevant and that we need to be more mindful of helping out, so yes…I needed to share. <3

      I will pretty much read anything that Lauren Oliver writes, because she is really good at creating the worlds that she does and lending depth to her characters. I have to say this is a really fantastic mystery (I was able to snag an eGalley of it via Edelweiss for review, so that will be coming shortly) and I like how it kept you guessing and wondering who and what until the end. It was just a really sad and beautiful twisted story of love and loneliness.

      I totally enjoyed TATBILB, it was so good and I hope that they are going to adapt the rest of the books into a movie and don't just stop with this one. I think it would so cute and so fun, to have them all out there brought to life. It's just a really fun and carefree feel-sy type of thing. <3

      Me too. I really love to binge GG around this time of year, because the holiday ep's are some of the best ever, in my opinion. And the added bonus of Blair/Serena friendship and Blair/Chuck. Yes please, gimme. lol. <3

      Aww, you're so sweet, I hope you have a great week too!

  3. I need to watch To All The Boys I Loved Before. I’ve heard nothing but good things about both the movie and the book.
    I watched some of the first season of Gossip Girl but got side-tracked (despite enjoying it). I must revisit it. That snowy gif of Blair and Serena is making me crave Christmas, lol.

    Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books recently posted: Weekly Update #25
  4. I feel your eGalley pain. I am happy the winter has few releases, but I got slammed in the spring. When my requests hang out there for 90 days, I think I am not getting the book, so I request more and then BAM! Too many books. There is an ARC meme called “State of the ARC” hosted at Avalinah’s Books (, where they pick monthly themes and have a bingo and everything. The adaptation of TATBILB was fantastic! They did great justice to that story, and I hope we get two more films from the franchise.

    Sam@WLABB recently posted: Sundays with Sam - The Sunday Post
    • I’ve heard a little bit about State of the ARC, I might actually have to check it out thanks for linking me to it. *g* I know what you mean, it’s like…can’t you just let us know if you’re going to approve us within the first week or two instead of just leaving us hanging out there. lol. And then, bam! Everything just drops at once. Oh no, I needed to cull my lists back and let them know whether or not I would be sending feedback on some of the books and a lot of them I wasn’t able to get too and some I just didn’t finish because I became bored with them and it makes me feel bad but I would rather have the ones that I truthfully and honestly can read/review and get the feedback to there instead of all the other’s that I knew that I wasn’t because I lost interest, DNF’d, or just didn’t like at all.

      Yes, they really did a fantastic job with TATBILB and I’m with you, I hope we get to see the rest of the books in film adaptation form. 🙂

      Thank you, for stopping by the blog today and I hope your week is awesome.

  5. I’ve been trying to nip down my Netgalley and Edelweiss piles too. I need to go through the books that are in the “3 months and older” shelf on NG and just give up on a few that I’ll never read. I feel bad doing that, but some have been sitting there for a couple of years! I know, terrible, right? I just keep thinking I’ll get to them someday.

    I used to love Gossip Girl but I don’t think I finished the series. You’re right, they did have great music!

    Nice to hear you’re getting bits of Fall! I’m jealous. We’re still currently entrenched in a brutal Summer here in Southern California. 🙁 Crossing my fingers the temperatures will settle soon.

    Great post, Susan! And thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

    • I’m right there with you, where Netgalley is concerned. I just couldn’t stand looking at my shelves in all that disarray and knowing that the bulk of the books on there (save the one’s that I actually am going to read/review/send feedback for) are books that I either DNF’d, grew bored with, aren’t really interested in, and just won’t be giving feedback on. So, I went back through and culled the list down and made sure I sent the necessary feedback regarding my reasons for not reviewing. This way, I at least have a fighting chance of raising my leaving reviews/feedback percentage up better. I kind of felt guilty about doing that, but then again it was back when I first started blogging and I went on this spree, and now I’m learning the consequences of that. Once I’m able to get these ones that I’ve narrowed it down to read and reviewed, then I think that I’ll be looking a lot better and feel like I’m in good standing with them. But, I get the anxiety of it, and I can’t deal with the stress. I needed ARC peace of mind.

      You should totally finish GG, I simply adore that show. It’s like my guilty pleasure, especially around the Fall and Winter, because it has the best holiday episodes ever. They are just all feel-sy and good and the music is super fantastic. 🙂

      Actually, it’s a little bit of both at the moment. We’ve sort of got a saying around here, if you don’t like the weather in Texas, stick around five minutes it’ll change. lol. But, no…we’re supposed to be having storms that are supposed to be bringing a bit of cold front along with them. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, because the last couple of days have sticky with the humidity and the heat. Oi! I hope that you guys are able to cool down eventually. I know how it feels to swelter in the hot heat, the news was saying earlier this summer this has been the hottest one since 2011 and I believe them we actually got up to 117 one day and I flat refused to leave the house. lol. Sat comfy as I could under my air conditioner all day. lol.

      Aww, thank you for the compliment! 🙂

  6. Great post! I love the idea of cleaning things up and planning ahead. I am at a good place with NetGalley right now, with only 4 ARCs to read and review! Yikes! I don’t ever want to be back there with eleven or twelve books on my shelves…and that feeling of panic.

    I never got into Edelweiss. I think their site is confusing and not very user-friendly, although someone told me they’ve cleaned it up.

    Enjoy your projects and your week…and thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Well, if you saw where I was before I was able to cull it back to 10 to 11 books that I need to read and review right now, with about 12 other’s I’ve already read and still need to review – then you would totally understand why I feel a little better about it and why there’s less anxiety on that level. lol. But, you’re right though, I wish I was like you and I had only four or five on my list. Alas, I feel like I at least have a fighting chance of getting back into good standing with this list and with the plans that I have going forward to write at least one (maybe two if I can squeeze it in with Fall semester start Tuesday and all) reviews a day, then I’ll feel a lot better about it.

      Yes, organization is the key, for me. It’s how I survive my life in general, if I’m not organized and I don’t have things written down and planned out in an actual planner or notebook (which is what I have for the blog) where I keep what I need to do and what I have done and what’s upcoming on the agenda then I don’t feel productive at all and I get lost and I don’t like the disarray. It really gives me anxiety. I need that structure and routine in my life, it’s how I function properly.

      Edelweiss never used to be all that user-friendly, but now with the new design that they have going I feel like it’s a little bit easier, although I still have a bit of trouble with it. I think that they could take a page out of Netgalley’s book and try to make it more accessible.

      Oh, no totally, you’re welcome and I enjoy your blog for sure. I hope you have a great week. 🙂

  7. I have to keep a record in a notebook, too; I also have pages on one of my blogs where I record the books I have for review and link them to my reviews when I’m done. I’m a little overly-compulsive, but it helps me to feel more organized, too.


  8. I ran across Marie’s international bloggers post this week too and absolutely loved it – it’s all so true about how the book blogger world is heavily inclined towards US bloggers… Her posts are always fantastic. 😊

    It’s great to hear that things feel like they’re coming together! Some weeks, no matter how much you love it, blogging can feel like a chore. The days where things feel like they’re all coming together are the best!

    Btw I love your layout. So pretty. ❤️ Have a fantastic week!!!

    Amber @ The Literary Phoenix recently posted: Five of my Favorite Book Blogs Who You Absolutely Must Follow
  9. Ruth Benitez

    I’m glad you are back on track with blogging and enjoying it.
    I was checking the updates on Netflix and saw To all the boys I´ve loved Before and told my sisters that we have to watch it tonight!!! so now you what my plans for Sunday night…

    Ruty @Reading…Dreaming

  10. I don’t think I could ever do Netgalley and Edelweiss, trying to read and post reviews by release date would stress me out. Happy to hear that everything is working out for you and you got your groove back. With the semester starting hopefully you’ll stay in the grove, even with Anatomy & Physiology.

    I watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before this morning and enjoyed it. I thought it was cute and I do hope they continue.

    Have a fabulous week ahead.

  11. I’m glad things have been going well for you. Good luck with getting your ARCs read. I have to stay away from ARC sites, or I’d request everything. Everyone is obsessing over TATBILB. I haven’t even read the book yet. Have a great week!

  12. Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    Yay for being productive! I love that feeling. Oh I so want to read Broken Things. Lauren Oliver is a favorite of mine. Can’t wait until it comes out. I adored To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. So cute! Have a great week!!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my SP & STS yesterday. Good job on finally finding your blogging groove. Also I had NO IDEA TATBILB was being turned into a Netflix Original. I’ll definitely have to check that out. I still need to read the last book in the series too though.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  14. Our weather has cooled down too, and I’m so happy about that! We are lucky enough to still have some sun, but it’s really cool at night, and I sleep so well once more.
    Our school year starts on Monday, (I teach) and my classes at Uni start on the 17th of September. It’s going to be a very busy year!
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookworms recently posted: Safe and Sexy #34 – The Chase
  15. I love Gossip Girl! ❤️❤️ One of my favorite TV shows. I’ll have to recommend Broken Things to my writing partner, she loves mysteries. Still need to make the time to watch To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I loved the series and can’t wait to Laura Jean come to life.

    Dani Eide recently posted: What is World Building? The Definition!

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