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About Bookish Revelations

Bookish Revelations focuses mostly on the Young Adult and New Adult fiction genre, with a smattering of Middle Grade and a few Adult titles thrown in for fun. This blog is mostly family-friend, with the occasional expletive thrown in there for emphasis. You will find that it is very teen-friendly and doesn’t have anything that I would call too inappropriate without warning attached to the post for those who are on the younger age spectrum. It mostly caters to older teens and college-age students, as that would be its intended target audience most of the time.

The viewpoints expressed in the reviews that are posted to Bookish Revelations are honest and thoughtful and are not influenced by anyone else. I do not gain any monetary compensation for my reviews, whether they’re positive or negative regarding a book. I reserve the right to share my opinions as they are and I will not suppress them for anyone. My reviews are fair and honest, and I try and keep them as spoiler-free as I possibly can barring a few exceptions and warnings attached to them. I make every effort to read and review a book within three to five weeks of its release date (before and after), with exceptions discussed prior to the book review going up. I will allow accommodations for special requests should the publisher, author, or book tour host request them. Terms and conditions will be negotiable to the stipulations requested.

I post my book reviews on Bookish Revelations, as well as Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble. I also post a link to Twitter and Facebook linking back to the reviews that I post here at Bookish Revelations. In addition to book reviews, I am happy to share guest posts, interviews, as well as host giveaways.