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The Meme

Soundtrack Saturday is a book meme that The Hardcover Lover created not too long after she created her blog. Her reason behind creating it was, to share some of the songs that popped into her head while reading or songs that the book made her think of in general. Figuring that she wasn’t the only one who probably did this, she thought creating this meme would be a fun thing for everyone to take part in and share the songs that came to their minds while reading too.

The Book

I’m such a big music lover myself, just as much as I love to read that I really love the idea of pairing the two together and creating a post about it. So, I thought I would share my first one with you guys. The book that I chose is One Song Away by the amazingly talented and genuinely sweet Molli Moran. It’s a New Adult swoon-worthy southern romance novel that is steeped in country roots and focuses on building strong healthy friendships, relationships, and discovering oneself along the way.

I fell in love with this story, the characters, and the atmosphere in general. It’s just a beautifully written poignant story that I feel like we need right now, with a happy ending and that focuses less on the unhealthy. It was one of my Top 3 favorite books read in 2014 and I was lucky enough to have gotten the chance to beta-read it, before it was even released. You guys, it just blew me away and I cannot say enough good things about it.

So, go out and buy yourself a copy, put your earbuds on and turn up the music. You’re going to love, I just know it!

The Music

There’s a lot of amazing hot new country music out there on scene right now that I’ve been listening to and while re-reading this book, I noticed that some of the songs in particular was absolutely perfect (IMHO) for this story, the relationships depicted within the pages, and just the overall feel of the book in general. And, in also knowing Molli Moran’s personally, some of them just reminded me of her too. I think or I like to tend to think that when writer’s sit down to tell a story, that they are putting a small part of themselves into all aspects of the book that they’re telling. Knowing a little bit about Molli and the kind of person that she is, I know that she doesn’t do things without putting her whole self into it, no matter what it is and I know that music is a BIG part of her life and also influences her in many ways. I know that she uses and creates playlists for characters and books, etc. She’s done that for years, before she even published her first book.

So, I felt extremely comfortable in choosing all of the songs that I did, and the reasons for choosing them too.

About the Author

Molli is a storm-trooper, a strong feisty southern woman, who won’t take shit off of no one, to put it mildly. She is a rebel belle, equipped with a mouth that won’t quit for days when she has something she feels is important to tell. She is a fighter and one of the strongest people that I know today. She is so many things all over the place at once and she refuses to let anyone box her in. Just try and see if you don’t live to regret it. She’s firm with her word and loyal with her heart, whether it be friendships, romantic relationships, or any else in between. She believes deeply and lives it to the core of her being. She is her most true, authentic self, and I wouldn’t change anything about her for the world.

My life is so incredibly blessed to have her in it and yours will be too, if you’re ever lucky to get that chance grab onto it and never let it go, because you’re in or one hell of a ride!

The Album Cover Art

As with anything, I’d like to explain the cover art for the One Song Away soundtrack.

I was actually  inspired by the sweet, southern atmosphere that Molli Moran wrote about in the book, as well as the actual cover of the book itself. So, I set out to find something soft, romantic, a little more modern, and something that I felt like would reflect the soundtrack and the music contained within it, while still staying true to the story that Molli originally told.

This is what I came up with and I’m very happy with it.

The title comes from a lyric in Maren Morris’s song, “I Could Use A Love Song,” because I felt like it was the perfect fit for Sophie to tell her story with.

The Playlist (Already, LOL!)

I Could Use A Love Song ;; Maren Morris
“A long gone drive, you know the kind where you take a turn and you don’t know why, but it clears your mind, a surefire cure. I need something stronger, that’ll last a little longer…”

For me, personally, I found that this song signified Sophie’s official break-up with Gideon and her decision to rediscover who she is back home. I don’t know for sure, but I feel like some part of herself was lost when she was in Nashville trying to make her big dreams happen and that falling in love with the wrong guy, changed her in ways that she didn’t like and now she’s shedding off that feeling and shaking loose and I just feel like this song is a really good representation of that. Plus, I love ALL THINGS MAREN MORRIS these days.

Her voice just seems to seep down into your bones and moves you in ways that you’re not necessarily expecting to be moved. She’s so damn beautiful, heartfelt, and personable. It’s easy to find a little bit of yourself in one of her songs. I definitely recommend her giving her album a listen to, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Tin Man ;; Miranda Lambert

“Hey there Mr. Tin Man, I’m glad we talked this out. You can take mine if you want it, it’s in pieces now. By the way there Mr. Tin Man, if you don’t mind the scars you give me your armor and you can have my heart…”

Aside from the fact that anyone who knows me, pretty much knows that Miranda Lambert is my girl crush, I felt like this song was absolutely perfect for Sophie-Claire’s story in so many ways. I could hear it echoing in the corners of mind, while re-reading various parts of this book. It’s so easy to feel so broken down, sad, and heart weary that all you feel like you own are scars, that you can’t seem to see through the rest of the loneliness to notice the good peeking out underneath. Getting caught up in Sophie’s head space was sometimes sad, a lot of times uncomfortable, and also very necessary to the story Molli was telling.

That’s why I feel like this song is a wonderful depiction of that, in so many ways and that’s why it’s here on this list for a reason and I feel like there was and is a reason that I still keep hearing long after re-reading this beautiful book.

Road Less Traveled ;; Lauren Alaina

“If you trust your rebel heart, ride it into battle, don’t be afraid, take the road less traveled. Wear out your boots and kick up the gravel. Don’t be afraid, take the road less traveled on…”

I think if I remember correctly, I might have heard or seen Molli describe Sophie-Claire as being a “rebel belle”. She bucks at the standards that society expects of you and she marches to her own tune. I felt like this was one of the most accurate depictions of who Sophie-Claire really is and who she becomes, as the reader follows along with the story. It’s just so perfect in so many right ways, it’s unreal. And, it’s pretty damn powerful and such a positive song that you can’t help, but want to turn it up, raise your hands in the air, and sing along the way I know that Sophie and her friends would do if they heard it come on the radio.

Flatliner ;; Cole Swindell ft. Dierks Bentley

“Sippin’ on this seven-seven, Never been this close to heaven got the pretty turned up to eleven droppin’ them dead on the dance floor. Somebody better call a doctor, she’s a little heart stopper. I’m talkin’ breaker breaker one-niner She’s a flatliner, oh she’s a flatliner…”

This book had so many awesome fun times in it, it’s hard to just narrow it down. It’s not all sad times and loneliness. So, I figured I’d just inject a little bit of the fun. The first time I heard this song, my initial thoughts went to Jake and Sophie each with their friends out a the club lettin’ loose a little steam. THIS SONG THOUGH! Seriously, just get in your truck/car/suv or whatever you drive and put it on, turn it up, roll your windows down and drive down a country backroad as fast as you can just bumping to it. I swear, you’ll never be the same again.

For the book, my first thoughts were this, “When your at the bar dancing with your friends and that hot guy (Jake in this case) see’s you and just about trips all over himself drooling. THAT!

And, for some reason, I think Molli would probably agree with me.

Yeah Boy ;; Kelsea Ballerini
“Baby, what we waiting on? The stars are out, the night is young. If you wanna know if I wanna go and get gone…”

That song that’s so turned up and blaring at the bar, that when you turn around and see your guy, you’re like “yeah, boy!”

I can see Sophie, Sloane, Mini, and Brenna all hanging out together at the bar getting their “good times” on, when Jake walks in and everything just goes.,.UP! I can hear a chorus of “yeah boy,” the moment they spot him and Sophie zones in on him. If you’re reading this book or you have read this book, then  you know what I’m talking about and you know you’d be saying, “yeah boy” too, because it’s JAKE!

Tough Guys ;; Caroline Jones

“Tough guys wantin’ this girl to play nice. I don’t mean to play rough guys. I’m just trusting my gut guys. I think I threaten these tough guys cause I’m in love with my own life and I’ve heard enough lies. If it makes you cry if it makes you cry well that’s just tough guys….”

This song is the best way that I could describe Sophie-Claire to you. Like Molli, you cannot box this feisty southern rebel belle in. She’s not havin’ it and frankly, neither would I. This chick is freaking amazeballs, guys! She’s so tough, yet tender, tortured, yet strong enough not to let the bad shit get to her. She’s got her issues, but she works through them and she comes out healthier than most would. She loves, she loses, she learns, and she just doesn’t take shit period!

That’s why you need to know THIS is HER song!

Act Like You Don’t ;; Brooke Eden

“I know we both get lonely, but if you ever loved me and you still do. I need you to act like you don’t, pretend you don’t…”

Something that got my head spinning and my thoughts wandering about Sophie, was the backstory on her and Gideon. I have a real habit of actually liking what’s supposed to be the bad guy. I just can’t, because I feel like there’s something there to be saved, there’s still some good left in them, and I want to believe that they “can be better.” So, I was always curious about their history. I don’t know if Molli intended for us to be or not, but it’s just where my mind goes. Hands down, I ship Jake/Sophie, because they are amazing together and it’s such a wonderful and refreshing thing to see a healthy and beautiful relationship develop over the span of the book, and because they too have a little bit of history.

But, I just can’t help, but want to know more about her and Gideon and I felt like this song sort of fits here somewhere on the list, because I can see her listening to it and thinking about him and how their relationship failed because I don’t think that when one relationship fails and we move on to a healthier, better, and more stable one that we ever truly just completely forget the previous one. I think we carry little remnants of them with us, tucked away, wherever we go and I feel like that’s healthy to in some aspects.

So, this song belongs, and Brooke Eden is such an incredibly talented musician that I hope you get curious and check out some more of her music. It’s all amazing.

Note to Molli: I hope you understand why I put this on here. I meant absolutely no disrespect for what you intended the story to be. It’s just my re-telling of it through music. I love you and I am proud of you. 🙂

Without A Fight ;; Brad Paisley ft. Demi Lovato

“Sometimes I think it couldn’t be any better and I couldn’t want you more. And sometimes I think we don’t belong together, confusing love and war…”

I want to know who Gideon truly is, from what I’ve read and re-read of this book and the little snippets or glimpses into his and Sophie’s failed relationship, I feel like “Without A Fight” is the perfect way to describe these two, particularly these lyrics. It’s clear, these two weren’t meant to be together, that they’re most certainly better off apart living their own lives and moving on, but I still have to wonder what they were like when they were together. Something tells me that they were, EXPLOSIVE, and not necessarily in the best way possible.

But that rebel part of my heart, still thinks that when they were good, Oh baby…they were GOOD!

In Case You Didn’t Know ;; Brett Young

“In case you didn’t know, baby I’m crazy bout you and I would be lying if I said that I could live this life without you. Even though I don’t tell you all the time, you had my heart a long long time ago in case you didn’t know…”

I can hear this song playing softly in the background, while Jake is watching Sophie wipe down counters, have coffee with her girlfriends, or just going about her daily routine. It’s all of the things that Jake wanted to say during the small moments between him and Sophie-Claire that he couldn’t or didn’t say for whatever reason.

It’s a song, that when  you know when you hear it, it’s right and it puts EVERYTHING into perspective in a way that moves you.

Hurricane ;; Luke Combs

“The moon went hiding, stars quit shining, rain was dropping thunder ‘n lightning. You wrecked my whole world when you came and hit me like a hurricane. You hit me like a hurricane…”

That moment when everything just HITS FULL FORCE and you FINALLY REALIZE that THIS IS WHAT IT IS!

Yep, that’s Sophie-Claire and Jake falling in love with each other and it’s earth quaking, earth shattering, and amazingly swoon-worthy. I just love this song, period. It’s one of my favorites and I felt like it was a great fit for both Sophie and Jake, as they begin they begin to really fall in love with one another.

Man Enough Now ;; Chris Bandi

“Grow up, get my shit together, stop giving you the runaround, running from forever. It’s too bad we happened when we did, ‘Cause I’ve learned a lot about life since then. I can’t go back, girl I hate that you fell in love with a kid trying to figure it out. ‘Cause I’m man enough…”

Once again, my mind wanders back to Sophie and Gideon, but this time it wanders more in Gideon’s direction when he pops up later in the story and he and Sophie meet once again. For spoiler reasons, I won’t tell you when, why, or how. But, for me, at that moment in the book I felt something genuine and honest coming from him, I felt like he had somehow grown up and had realized just how bad he had screwed up. Now he’s got his shit together and he’s got an offer for Sophie, too.

Again, I can hear this song playing softly in the background, as they talk with one another, and he discusses his reasons for being there. I believe that he wants to be a better man, that he has grown up, and that when he’s lucky enough to be in another relationship he won’t treat that woman the same way that he treated Sophie. At least, I want to believe that he won’t. So, I feel like this song really has a purpose here.

Maybe I’m reading more into what the story than what Molli really wanted me to do, but I can’t help but wonder.

Better Man ;; Little Big Town

“I hold onto this pride because these days it’s all I have and I gave you my best and we both know you can’t say that. You can’t say that. I wish you were a better man, I wonder what we would’ve become if you were a better man. We might still be in love if you were a better man. You would’ve been the one, if you were a better man. Yeah, yeah…”

Believe it or not, I can really hear this song playing in the background all those nights when Sophie is alone with her thoughts, alone with her notebook that she writes her songs, feelings, and personal thoughts in, alone with herself when she’s trying to brave the world that she’s re-building for herself.

Again, I still say that I don’t think we’ll ever forget past relationships, and that we’ll carry small remnants of them with us wherever we go, but that doesn’t mean that we have to let them keep on hurting us and it also doesn’t mean that we can’t let them slowly heal us over time as well. I’d like to think that Sophie isn’t a bitter person and that a small part of her believes that. I like to think that Sophie sometimes wishes that Gideon could be a better man and now that he’s grown up, there’s a chance that  he will be a better man.

I think, I just like to think.

Kiss Me ;; Drew Jacobs

“In the moment, man, I couldn’t believe how that kiss was all I needed to fall in love and go your way (and go your way). But girl I’m glad I stayed, I didn’t walk away and I’m glad you said (glad you said)…”

This song is all Jake, from the first moment he see’s Sophie-Claire, to the moment when he takes her out, or just hanging out with her in general, whether it’s a group thing or just a two of them thing.


Craving You ;; Thomas Rhett ft. Maren Morris

“Every time we have to say goodbye, I’m counting down until we say hello. Every touch is like the strongest drug I don’t know how much longer I can go…”

By the end of this swoon-worthy southern romance, these two were “craving each other” and couldn’t and didn’t want to keep their hands to themselves! There are moments within the novel that will drive you crazy with the, “will they, won’t they, just come on already.”

One of the best ways that I can justify this song being on this playlist, is to quote a part of my own review for this beautiful novel.

“The tug of war that’s going on between Sophie-Claire’s heart and head, when it comes to Jake is definitely one of the most interesting elements of the story for me. I enjoyed all of the flashbacks and how well they meshed with the present and that Sophie-Claire totally went in “balls to the wall” and she’s pretty much all in, no matter the outcome. Brenna assuring her that Jake looks like a man in love, is definitely one of the highlights of Chapter 16 for me, because of the way that Sophie-Claire was able to just give herself over to him that way was pretty amazing and quite hot!” {Review written by Suz @ Bookish Revelations}
Old School Grove ;; Jo Smith

For some reason, I have scoured the internet and I cannot find the lyrics for this song, but YOU JUST GOTTA LISTEN TO IT. Seriously, just trust me. From the moment that I heard this song, it screamed Sophie-Claire and Jake to me. It’s so smooth and so perfect for them. It’s just a gorgeous and amazing song, guys.

And wouldn’t you agree, that a gorgeous and amazing couple like Sophie and Jake, deserve an equally gorgeous and amazing song like this? Y/Y?!

Seriously though, listen to this record if you don’t listen to ANYTHING else on this playlist.

The Fighter ;; Keith Urban ft. Carrie Underwood

“Look in the mirror, you’re beautiful, so beautiful. I’m here to remind you, you’re my only one, let me be the one to heal all the pain that he put you through. It’s a love like you never knew, just let me show you…”

This song is for when Sophie-Claire confides in Jake and he promises that he will never hurt her. It’s the perfect song to express everything that he feels for her.

Plus, I really wanted to wrap-up this mix with an upbeat, positive, and healthy song that would just make you want to dance, smile, and let loose. Who better to do it with than, Keith Urban and the talented and beautiful Carrie Underwood.

You Look Good ;; Lady Antebellum

“I’m thinking everybody better stand in line. ‘Cause they need to know that your body’s coming with me tonight…”

Okay, the only justification that I have for this song being on here (besides the fact that it’s one of my FAVORITE songs of the moment), is the fact that NO PLAYLIST is ever complete without a Lady Antebellum song on it. And, also because I feel like it’s fun, upbeat, and just an amazing song that represents these two so well.

The Extra’s

How Not To ;; Dan + Shay

*Again, swimming in the remnants and burning ashes of Sophie and Gideon’s failed relationship, this song is a perfect depiction of that.*

Unlove You ;; Jennifer Nettles

*Sometimes Sophie has moments where she wishes she could unlove Gideon, but knows deep down there was actually something there at one point.*

Listen to the whole soundtrack for One Song Away by Molli Moran here!

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The Question

Have you ever read a book that made you think of a song that reminded you of the story, the character’s, or just the book in general that you couldn’t shake loose from your head and you hit the re-play button?

Let me know in the comments below and definitely check out the artists mentioned in the soundtrack, they are all very amazing and talented in their own ways. If you don’t typically listen to country, be a little diverse and branch out. I promise, you won’t regret it. Just take a chance and listen to it.

If you haven’t heard of One Song Away by Molli Moran or if you haven’t and you haven’t read it yet, then check out Amazon,  and pick up a copy for yourself. I promise you – you won’t be disappointed. It’s the perfect Spring/Summer southern swoon-worthy romance that you’ll want to re-read every time around this time of year.

I’ll leave you with this as a teaser, to help inspire you to pick up your own copy and read it.

“I try not to think about Jake, but I wonder if our meeting impacted him even half as much as it did me. My handwriting isn’t as neat as it normally is, because my hands are still shaky. I feel like he might as well have ambushed me with a wrecking ball.” (Chapter 4 ;; One Song Away)

How to Reach the Author

If you’re like me and you always want to know how to reach the author, because you just want to say “hey, I really loved your book,” or if you’re a book blogger and you’re interested in featuring the author or their book on your blog then contacting Molli Moran is pretty simple, really. Just click on through these links to learn more about her, her amazing books, and what else she might have in store.

Molli Moran * Goodreads * Twitter * Facebook
Sign up for her newsletter and help support her that way, too!

And, if you’re really feeling generous, she’s also a Pateron, and you can donate to help her out with the costs of publishing her amazing books. But, you don’t have too, it’s just a suggestion or a way to help and show support for our Indie Author’s and Self-Published. Any amount you’re willing to donate, big or small, is always welcomed and very much appreciated it by these author’s, because they work just as hard as well known mainstream authors and usually end up getting little to no amount of the attention most of the mainstream authors get.

This is why it’s so important to reach out to them and to show them our love and support in any way that we can. So, you don’t have to feel obligated to donate, I’m just sharing this with you in case you might want to and as a way of helping out one of the BEST FRIENDS!

Next Up in the Soundtrack Saturday Bin is: As You Turn Away (The Walker Boys #1) by Molli Moran

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